Walking Back Into A Boydy Wonderland

Craig Mackail-Smith, Aaron McLean, Lee Tomlin – Posh greats haven’t shied away from returning back. No one however expected George Boyd to return any time soon, considering his recent Premier League pedigree, alongside still being Championship quality.

Another statement of intent amongst many others, the backing of Fergie from Darragh and the Canadian owners is astounding and really does show their ambition. Listening to Boyd speak to Phil Adlam, George isn’t returning for pure nostalgia nor an easy paycheck to run down his career. He’s here for the same reason Fergie returned has put pen to paper to come back permanently – to get Posh back to the Championship.

“Another similarity between Fergie and Boyd is their hunger to succeed for this club”.

Returning after 6 years, George comes back after a spell in the Premier League with Burnley where Sean Dyche relied on Boydy in over 100 games for the Clarets alongside winning promotion to the Premier League with Hull City in a short stint. So why has George gone back down to League One, especially considering he performed rather well for Sheffield Wednesday? Sentiment has to come into it, George was here for 6 years and became a part of the furniture – it’s seen in his interview, saying it felt like he had never left his spiritual home. I think the pull of Fergie also helped. Under Big Steve or Grant McCann, would the attraction of coming back been as great as it now was? I don’t think so, as Boyd knows that Fergie delivers success, as he was an important part of all those promotions delivered by Darren.

Another similarity between Fergie and Boyd is their hunger to succeed for this club, sentiment played a part in both coming home but they aren’t content with just a nice homecoming. George is also a leader, an experienced head who knows how to get Posh out of League One and thus he will be crucial for that but also to remind the new signings through the door of what it means to play for Peterborough United and to put that shirt on as he’s experienced heartbreak with Posh but also immense success. With the ambition on display too, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for more success to follow.

When Boydy’s signing was announced, it was hard to find a negative view (hard to imagine with Posh’ pessimistic fan base) with many ecstatic that Boyd was returning and many in shock and disbelief that he had chosen to. Boyd said himself he wouldn’t have dropped down to League One for anyone else, Posh holds that special place in his heart. I just hope this return works out, but regardless, it feels great to walk back into a Boydy Wonderland momentarily!

By Kelan Sarson – MyPoshSeason