A Q&A with Oxford United fan Liam Wakeford of The Fence End Podcast, ahead of Saturday’s league fixture and Tuesday’s League Cup game against The U’s…

Firstly, tell us about The Fence End podcast…
The fence end pod started about 3 and a half years ago during our 15/16 promotion season. It was initially monthly for about an hour but now weekly and about 25-35 minutes. We look over the previous and next weekend fixtures and any new additions to the squad.

How do you think Oxford will set up against Posh on Saturday?
Our most recent system is a 4-2-3-1 so I’d expect that. We’re hoping to see our new CB Moore playing to see what he can do. And the 3 will probably be Fosu, Henry, and Woodburn who are all looking to switch as we move forward.

…and what changes do you think will be made a few days later in the League Cup?
I think in the cup a few of the development squad will probably make an appearance, but I guess that depends on the result at the weekend.

Who from your side will be the Posh’ biggest threat?
In terms of being a threat in terms of goal scoring Henry has been our top scorer for the last few years, but with Fosu, Woodburn, and Hall (probably from the bench) that’s plenty of pace to trouble teams. Mackie is pretty good at frustrating defenders with his general antics.

Which Posh player are you expecting to cause Oxford the most problems?
Toney, he always scores against us. A great striker, frustrating for any opposition I think because he plays for contact and goes down pretty easily, but a classic ‘hate him against you but love him if he’s one of your own’ player. I’m praying a championship club swoops in before their window shuts (sorry).

There’s no love lost between Posh fans and Karl Robinson – what is your take on the manager?
I think he’s crazily emotional and much like Ferguson will do whatever he can to win. Robinson’s someone I didn’t like at all before joining us but I always try to get behind anyone at the helm. He can have his team play good football or is fine with being a bit more physical and trying various game management tactics if he thinks it’ll work. I’d hate to be the 4th official on Saturday!!

What are you expectations for this season?
Having said the above he’s clearly someone with a decent record in League One. Most seasons he’s had his teams in the playoffs and so I’m hopeful for that. Most fans tend to think 8th-12th, I’m an optimist so I’ll hope for top 6.

Where do you think Posh will finish this season?
I think with the summer Posh have had there’s a big chance that you guys will be playoffs too. We were quite surprised you got off to a loss but that means nothing really when there are 135 points still to play for.

Finally… Score predictions for Saturday and Tuesday?
As I said I’m an optimist so I’ll go 3-1 to oxford on Saturday (Toney will score… fact), and 2-1 posh on Tuesday, I think you guys will be too tough to beat twice.