Stop the Negativity, It’s Only November

After we lost 1-0 away at Shrewsbury last Tuesday night, you would’ve thought by hyperbolic fan reaction that the result had some late season significance – the loss condemning us to relegation. The same reaction was evident from a pool of Posh fans after a defeat at Bloomfield Road, many actively calling for Fergie’s head and others already finding a scapegoat in the team to latch onto if another defeat occurs. The Posh fanbase can be weirdly toxic at times in small numbers – some seem to revel whenever Posh have the misfortune of losing, displaying a ‘told you so’ attitude when Posh stutter. How does this help anyone?

My reply to the constant moaners is, stop the negativity for the time being and realise we are still in the early parts of the season. Moreover, we are still 3rd in the league despite back-to-back defeats in League One – apparently Fergie needs to win the Champions League in order to maintain a job with some Posh supporters! The football is undeniably better than previous tenures, and yet, some Posh fans seemed more content under Steve Evans than they are under Fergie. Is this because we are playing awfully? No it isn’t, some have an agenda against Darren Ferguson even in spite of his glowing record at Posh with numerous promotions under his belt. It’s odd, as these same fans are mute when we succeed as a team – they vanished into thin air when we won convincingly week in week out, even going top at one stage with excellent football on display.

Conveniently, they resurfaced after Blackpool away and continued to pester after Shrewsbury and even when Posh salvaged a replay against Stevenage. This isn’t, however, most of the fanbase that you see actively supporting the team home and away, acknowledging that we can have bad patches without placing Fergie under the guillotine. We can get angry, annoyed and disgruntled when we lose – that’s natural. But, we started poorly this season and managed to turn it around impressively. We can’t go into this bad patch again, and turn on the manager who delivered success before – we have to maintain stability, as if we sack Fergie and the problems persist, London Road becomes a managerial merry-go-round. Also, it’s November – leave the doom-mongering until at least early January where things start to really matter and the crunch matches come thick and fast.

Therefore, it is ok to have a moan about a defeat. But, we have to stick by Darren Ferguson and the Posh players without being constantly abusive. There was a certain harmony when results were going well, and we need to see that again even when Posh underperform. We need to leave agendas behind, and be 100% united behind the club.

By Kelan Sarson

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